PurpleSector is neither a colour nor an area. It is a statement of pure performance.

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W e   a r e P u r p l e S e c t o r

Every business seeks something.

More customers, higher margins, faster product development, greater manufacturing efficiency, leaner processes - as well as cultural and behavioural optimisation.

In a world of increasing complexity, the best answers come from knowing how to ask the right questions. Data can be your friend, or your enemy - the secret is knowing where to look, and what to do with it.

PurpleSector was born of the need to make the right decisions at the right time, under immense pressure, to win. No matter what the business challenge - mechanical, operational, developmental, procedural, even cultural.

PurpleSector is Driven x Performance™
- to deliver and succeed, together.

Our Expertise
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  • Product engineering / NPI
    We are experts in NPI (new product introduction), utilising proprietary digital tools to progress physical or digital products and services from concept and MVP, through testing and validation, to final production and manufacturing. Typically strategically important projects, we work alongside internal resources to leave lasting benefits and knowledge transfer.
  • Operational Excellence
    We have decades of experience in high performance organisations and industries. We provide insight, tools and processes in simulation, modelling, data management, manufacturing systems and implementation and are committed to ensuring our project legacies include knowledge uptake, technology-led tools and methodologies. PurpleSector catalyses operational excellence, ensuring positive cultural and organisational legacies.
  • Our Approach
    Informed by decades of success in the high-performance, high-pressure environment of Formula 1™, PurpleSector specialises in delivering measurable performance gains, with rigour and pace.

    We work to the following principles:
    Reductive thinking
    There is power in simplicity, and the distillation of process.
    Context clarity
    We quickly identify and understand your business, project, product and/or sector's true boundary conditions to identify the areas that most significantly impact your performance imperatives.
    Data quality vs quantity
    We know where to look and how to establish quickly what matters most - and what can be discarded as a distraction.
    Progress vs perfection
    Being lean gives us agility and focus. The luxury of time is not one most businesses can afford.
    Working together
    By working with you, rather than for you, we ensure a legacy of learning. We call it ‘learning by doing’.